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"Scars remind us where we’ve been. They don’t have to dictate where we’re going."
-David Rossi / Joe Mantegna (via inbalanced)
"Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to."
-Criminal Minds (via autodestruct)
Intro to Multimedia Blog #1

Today our culture knows what an analog clock is and how it has practically become extinct save the walls of classrooms and doctor offices, but do they know how it works? What makes an analog clock different as apposed to a sundial clock or a digital clock? It is usually found in the name: the sundial clock works based on the position of the sun as it moves through the sky and the digital clock works the same as the analog clock but instead of using physical gears everything is electrical and runs on a electrical battery. An Analog clock in the multimedia sense, functions through mimicking physical properties and frequencies with electronic impulses.  Gears turn the big and little hands around the clock’s face telling you what time it is. The gears inside are calibrated to turn every second based on our twenty-four hour day. Over the last couple decades, digital technology has essentially replaced analog tools such as cassettes, rotary dials, record players, and the analog clock. Digital has altered my life and changed my childhood in many ways.

      Growing up it was easy to see that my family loved music. There will always be music playing in the house, mom’s Spanish ballads, dad’s rock n’ roll or country, or my sisters Disney sing-alongs that we would of course, sing along to at the top of our voices. We would even break up the duets, my younger sister would sometimes take the princess parts and I will play the plucky sidekick parts or the handsome prince when I was generous, usually I was the girl in the tiara. Our dad would play country and rock n’ roll when mom was not home for us and we loved those songs more than our Disney princess songs. We loved singing those the most and soon we could sing those with our imperfect southern accents. While the topics of some of those songs were not appropriate for children under the age of 10 we could not get enough of them. Our mom could not believe it when she found out in a public way that my favorite song was “A Devil Went Down to Georgia” by The Charlie Daniels Band. What we loved most was being able to bring this music with us on the road. My sisters and I always had a sport and whether we were on our way to gymnastics, cheerleading, or soccer, we could bring our music with us on cassettes and we would all argue over what we wanted to listen to, which track should be next, and all yell at our mom when she put the tape on the wrong side. It was a hectic drive but it was full of noise and talking and singing.

       Today that is not the case if my mom loads my family in the car for a road trip. Now we would have picked out CDs to bring. Many Christian CDs and some musicals we can all belt out to and sing, and we would all talk to each other especially the driver when needed, but soon the individual headphones will come out and then we will be on our iPhones, iPods, or mp3s if you are my dad. Digital technology has not made it so that we can all be on individual devices and listen to our music by ourselves. I do remember owning a cassette player, which is an individual playing device but I would need to bring along many cassettes and batteries along with me and it would soon become a hassle. I would only use a cassette player if I were listening to a book on tape. Now our individual musical devices our in our phones and we do not even need to already have the music we could just access the internet from our phones in the car and log into Pandora or Spotify and listen to music we like for free. It makes it very easy to not have to compromise and just listen to what you want. Now our car rides are quiet and if you want to get someone’s attention you have to yell their name and twist your arm backwards and wave it till you catch their eye or hit them in the face or leg.  You have to ask them to take their headphones off and talk to you or just to be part of the car, which is a strange concept that you can you be apart of something that you are physically sitting in?

       My family loves music but for some reason our bodies love to be sick. My parents are fine which I thank God everyday. My sisters and I are a different story. My older sister has ADHD and personality wise would have been a handful even without that. She has been on medication for almost her whole life and it has changed over the years as they tried to find the right medication just for her. Now she is in her mid 20’s and I’m happy to say that she is a healthy and well-rounded woman on a medication that does nothing but benefit her. My younger sister suffers from severe migraines; they would become so painful that she would not be able to do anything but lay down in pain for days. We would bring her to the ER, which would take a couple more days of finding the right medication and the right dosage to finally break her migraine. It was a terrible time in our house. I hated to see my baby sister going through so much pain and my mom and I could not do anything about it, we did not know when it was coming and once it hit we could not do much to help her. It took years of doctors and medicine and ER and Hospital stays to finally get her headaches under control. I do not know how she did it but my sister kept up with school and with competitive gymnastics and that only earns my greatest respect and makes me so proud of her. Now my sister is no longer on any drugs and only receives one type of treatment once a month for her migraines and she is migraine free and we plan to keep it that way. My condition is not so lucky, I have a rare condition called PsuedoTumor Cerebri which literally means “false brain tumor”, it is when the your spinal fluid increases in your brain and does not drain out properly and the pressure is too much on your brain and is giving you the symptoms and issues as one with a brain tumor which is vision problems that lead to blindness, dizziness, headaches, back pain, ringing in ears, and nausea. They do not know the cause of this increase of fluid and there is no known cure, there is medication to bring the pressure down and keep the symptoms away, and unpleasant surgeries if the patient stops responding to the medication. So far I am doing well on the medication and I do plan on making lifestyle changes to help lessen the changes of my condition worsening but now I am waiting for the medical community to solve this rare and unknown condition.
            The reason I bring up my sister’s and my conditions is because we would not be the family that would have been surviving back in the old days or out in the wilderness. We desperately needed the digital age and he technological advances that it gave to the medical community that has made our medical age the most extraordinary and unbelievable as it is today. Without it and its new technology and advancements in making drugs my sisters would still be suffering and would not be able to be living fully lives and functioning in today’s world. Without today’s technology my younger sister would still be one strong medication taken daily to fight her migraines instead of a new and safer treatment she receives only every couple months. I know where I would be if we did not have the technology and the medicine that we do today and for that I am so grateful to the medical community. They may not have found a cure yet but just being able to catch what I have and identify it has already saved my eyes and my life, and for an avid reader that means more than words can describe.

"Hiding your hurt only intensifies it. Problems grow in the dark and only become bigger and bigger. But when exposed to the light of truth, they shrink. You are only as sick as your secrets. So take off your mask, stop pretending you’re perfect and walk into freedom."
-Rick Warren (via onlinecounsellingcollege)